2022 Directors

 Director meetings are held at 7pm on the first Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted.  Meeting locations are changed depending on weather and space availability.  Please contact the office for current meeting location.

2022 Chilliwack Riding Club Directors

Riesa Kyne - President, Media, Goodwill                                  chilliwackridingclub@gmail.com

Barb Bodholdt - Vice President, Speed Event, Prizes

Simone Tellier -  Treasurer

Tanya Thompson - Secretary, Memberships

Penny Boldt - Inventory, Archives

Megan McKay - Bookings

Lindsay Adam - Trail Ride

Tanya Jones - Director at Large

Gymkhana - all (email for details)

Social:  We are looking to you, members, to help plan and organize social events!  Check your email for upcoming information and event updates.

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