2020 Directors


2020 Chilliwack Riding Club Directors

Riesa Kyne - President, Secretary, Media, Memberships                                   chilliwackridingclub@gmail.com

Barb Bodholdt - Vice President, Fundraising/Social

Kaitlin Tottenham - Treasurer, Horse Shows

Corinne Kriegl - Archives, Open Ride, Trail Ride, Bookings, Social

Penny Boldt - Inventory

Lindsay Adam - Fundraising/Social Trail Ride

Luanne Yellowfly - Clinics

Shanna Wegener - Fundraising/Social, Goodwill

Devona Hartskamp - Director at Large

Aidan Kyne - Director at Large

Lindsay Adams - Director at Large

Gymkhana - all (email for details)

Social:  We are looking to you, members, to help plan and organize social events!  Check your emailfor upcoming info.

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